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Our foundation provides several opportunities to equip and empower young adults throughout South Carolina. Learn more about our programs below.

F12 Scholarship Program

The Future Technology Workforce Leaders & Visionaries (FTWLV or F12) program is a four-month program designed for rising high school seniors with scholarships awarded to candidates who complete the program. The F12 program is focused on high school seniors of Berkeley, Cross, and Timberland High Schools in Berkeley County, South Carolina. To learn more about the program, click on the Learn More button below.

Virtual Mentorship Program

Our Future IT Professionals virtual mentorship program is designed to mentor high school seniors, college students and other young adults with aspirations in the IT field. All mentoring sessions are free and conducted via Zoom or telephone. Mentors are seasoned IT professionals and must complete background checks in order to serve as mentors. We also have a counselor on staff to counsel mentees. To initiate an introductory mentorship session, click on the button below.
Facilitated Internships & Camps

Facilitated internships and career camps, some with local businesses and organizations will be coordinated by the foundation.

Career & Symposium Panels

Our career symposiums and workshops include breakout sessions covering topics in information technology, business administration, project management, business analysis, and process improvement are hosted by the foundation and/or partners. Most events are held with guest panel speakers. Our SCEITL discussion group for young adults primarily between the ages of 21-35 provides support for those looking to move into or are already working in IT leadership/management positions.

IT and Business Consulting

We provide IT Governance and other consulting services to business and institutions. Consulting services include organization strategy and structure analysis, discovery sessions for goals and outcomes, and a proposal or plan of actionable activities to achieve outcomes. To inquire about our services or request a free evaluation session email

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