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Message froM Founder

Thank you for visiting our website.  In 2017, I was inspired to give back to the community that contributed to my development as a young man.  My father died when I was a young boy, and that could have derailed my journey toward success in life.  With the support of family and my local community, my journey was not derailed.  Donations and scholarships from local community organizations helped me attend college at Winthrop University.  Summer computer science and internship programs in South Carolina were instrumental in my personal career development.  As my career and education progressed, I matriculated through several IT management and director-level positions.  My success in IT leadership is a result of my faith, my family, my community, and others who poured into me at a young age.  And my journey is not unique.  There are many young men and women I've had the privilege to grow up with who have similar success stories due to the encouragement of family and community members in South Carolina.

Today, there is a tremendous need for capable leadership and management.  I feel positioned and privileged, along with other volunteers in our organization, to give back to young lives as they begin their leadership journey.

Ron Howell
President & Founder


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