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Volunteer Vacancies

  • President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Classification: Volunteer​
    Responsibilities: Responsible for all operations and staff of the foundation, legal compliance, brand ambassador.
    Reports to the Executive Board of Directors.


  • Vice President & Chief Communications Officer (CCO)
    Classification: Volunteer
    Responsibilities: Succession leader in absence of CEO, public relations, volunteer guidance/development
    Reports to the President & CEO


  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) & Scholarship Coordinator
    Classification: Volunteer
    Responsibilities: Financial officer, budget planning, scholarship distribution with financial account holder
    Reports to the President & CEO

  • Youth Mentor
    Classification: Volunteer
    Responsibilities: Speaking in workshops/symposiums, YITL mentor, promotions, etc.
    Reports to the Vice President & COO


  • Other Volunteer Capacity
    Classification: Volunteer
    Responsibilities: Other volunteer opportunities like event setup, musicians, etc.
    Reporting Varies 

Degree Subjects:

Computer Information Systems

Business Information Management

IT Project Management

Information Technology Management


USC BS in Computer Information Systems and Minor in Business Information Systems

Winthrop BS in Computer Information Systems

CofC BS in Computer Information Systems


Other list:

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